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 “Forever Yours” competition - IFTF 2011 Holland


November 2011

The Boerma Instituut, the international school of floral design in Netherlands, has organized, for the second year in collaboration with the IFTF (International Floriculture Trade Fair), a competition held during the fair Expo IFTF in Holland. The title of the competition was "Forever Yours".  The competition was a themed floral creation. Valeria was selected as a participant and won the Dutch competition..


Euroflora 2011 in Genoa


April 2011

Selected by the managers of the group “i Fioristi Italiani”, Valeria has participated to Euroflora 2011 in Genoa, the famous fair of the horticultural industry, to which 16 foreign countries have attended. In particular Valeria took care of the floral creations of Floral Designers’ stand.

During the fair was also held on the competition for “the most beautiful composition with a predominance of orchids”, Valeria has participated and won the first prize.


Debutante Ball of Monza


March 2011

It was great desire of Giovanni, Valeria’s father, to organize in the ancient Villa Reale in Monza a Debutante Ball. In collaboration with a foundation, Santamaria family has succeeded in this new event, which was appreciated by local community. The floral scenographies of the “Debutante Ball Villa Reale of Monza” were designed and produced by Valeria.



Arrangements – International Exchange of Tourism


February 2011

At the annual appointment of the BIT (International Exchange of Tourism) in Milan, also for this year the group “i Fioristi Italiani”called Valeria for floral arrangements of the most important exhibitors’ stands.


Coppa Lombardia competition


October 2010

The Coppa Lombardia is one of the most prestigious competition in Italy that is organized by Federfiori, the National Federation of Italian florists, Valeria decided to participate. At her first experience she obtained the“Uniascom Prize for Creativity”.


Official representative of “i Fioristi Italiani”


July 2010

The group of “i Fioristi Italiani” noted that in the floral decoration and landscape architecture markets operates a multitude of parties, whose professional quality is sometimes questionable. With the creation of a Guide,”i Fioristi Italiani” therefore aim to establish a sort of industry certification. Valeria has been selected as an official representative for Lombardia region.


SIS Denonstration in Poland – Tychy


May 2010

At the flowers wholesale market of Silesia (Synergia) in Tychy (Poland), Valeria have well represented “Sanremo Italian Style”, receiving great appreciation for demonstrations and courses to a class of local professionals.



 “Art Floreal” competition – Croatia


April 2010

At the annual “at theme” competition for professional florists, which takes place in the town of Umag, Valeria has been confirmed among the best floral designers, obtaining the second prize.


Festival of Flowers – Venaria Reale


March 2010

In the magic atmosphere of the ancient summer residence of the Savoia family, together with the colleagues of ”Sanremo Italian Style”, Valeria has participated in important festival of flowers, in which professionals offer ideas and techniques for the realization of bouquets. More than 20,000 people have been able to admire the beauty of floral art.



Arrangements – International Exchange of Tourism


February 2010

At the annual appointment of the BIT (International Exchange of Tourism) in Milan, the group “i Fioristi Italiani”called Valeria for floral arrangements of the most important exhibitors’ stands.


SIS Denonstration  in Czech Republic – Ostrava


November 2009

 “Sanremo Italian Style” arrives in the third town for dimension of Czech Republic, on the border with Poland. Valeria took the colors and the delicacy of the Italian flowers in the “steel heart” of Czech Republic, the Ostrava’s nickname for its industrial tradition.


SIS Denonstration in Russia – Moscow


September 2009

At the XVI International Fair “Flowers’2009” in Moscow, the largest trade show of flowers held in Russia, Valeria has performed on the stage with her floral creations, according to the program of Sanremo Italian Style.


Denonstration at “Fiori all’occhiello”


May 2009

For tribute to the beauty of the place where”the wine of kings and the king of wines” born, the Cordero di Montezemolo family has given rise to a recurring event that bears the name of “Fiori all’occhiello”. Valeria has been called to create its beautiful live floral arrangements, inspired by the flavor of various wines.



 “Art Floreal” competition – Croatia


April 2009

In the picturesque town of Umag, Valeria was ranked second in the annual international contest for florists.



SIS Denonstration in USA - Atlanta e Washington


February 2007

 “Sanremo Italian Style” flew to America and for Valeria was a very intense week due to many demonstrations in two cities and for the exciting moments when prospective importers and local professionals appreciated her creations.


SIS Denonstration in Norwey


March 2006

Its was the first time for Valeria as abroad demonstration, to an audience of florists, in Norway, as member of the team of floral designers “Sanremo Italian Style”.


Turin 2006 - XX Winter Olympics


February 2006

It was an hard work however for Valeria the satisfaction was great. During the Winter Olympics in Turin, Valeria was member of the official team who organized and prepared the floral creations for sporting events.


 “Bouquet Sanremo” competition


January 2006

The competition “Bouquet Sanremo”, which takes place annually at the flower market of Sanremo, was at fifth edition and was one of the most important competition in Italy. At the end of the passionate competition day, Valeria Santamaria was proclaimed as winner.

For that year, Valeria made the bouquets by which were honored guests at the Sanremo Song Festival.

Having won the prestigious competition, Valeria became a member of the team “Sanremo Italian Style”, a group of floral designers headed by the flower market of Sanremo, with the aim to show in Italy and also in the world, the beauty of Sanremo’s flowers.